Monday, February 16, 2009

Be my Valentine

Around our house we have to make our valentines day gifts. This year was a hard one, I was torn between a photo rubik cubes and these.... fabric covered notebooks.
I chose the fabric covered notebooks for a lot of reasons, one being my sister in law shared with us a great idea of a "card notebook" instead of giving cards you write your own to pass back and forth, the other frugal me wanted to stop wasting a hundred notebooks, and use binders instead for our lists, and notes back and forth!
So here we are with our plain yucky looking binder...
Any fabric will work, cut larger than the binder, cut out the corners so they fold better....And voila! One pretty binder:)For added neatness, I coverd carboard peices and coverd them with fabric as well. On this one ( Our card binder) I added Bible verses in the front cover, then a picture o fus printed on fabric for the back cover, using the glue gun, I attached it to cover the raw edges of the front fabric.

Here is our pile of binders now:)

It was so easy I am thinking I am going to use this for our May long weekend group craft!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Humpty Dumpty

4th birthday!
It started with an egg! Using an egg that resembles a kinder egg, but has a white front,
I started my humpty! Using some left over flannel fabric I sewed arms and legs, Using white left over fabric I sewed up his hands and white collar. Then fabric glued them alltogether. It ended up that I didn't need to glue anything to the actual egg, which was a nice surprise!
Here he is with his face on:) Sadly the only thing I could find to put his face on was a dry earse marker! So after all that the egg couldn't be eaten afterall. Don't worry after Humpty fell off the wall they had fun with the surprise inside!
The wall! I cheated, becasue we were heading away for the weekend, I needed to find a way to assemble the cake at the hotel. this wa sa great alternative to a loaf cake. We iced the tray with green icing to help the "grass" stick around the wall!
We iced the jelly roll, which is really hard to do, with chocolate icing. Using boxes of bridge mixture, we built the wall. We left a spot on the top of the wall for Humpty to sit, we then used green colored coconut for the grass, and voila, one humpty dumpty cake ready for a very excited 4 year old!

A play mat for the 4 year old, quilted along the roads with dump trucks on the back.
For the soon to be three year old ( who also opened up some gifts this past weekend) He received an airplane play mat, quilted in a control panel pattern. Go Diego Go! With 1 yard of fabric I was able to make a pillow case for the lad, and a matching sleeping bag and pillow for his litle blue dog! All the better the fabric was on sale for $7.00/m!