Monday, October 6, 2008

Clean craft

I know! I couldn't beleive it either but it is true. there is such thing as a clean and easy to do craft for kids!here is my little guy showing you how easy and clean it really is! We tried this craft before dinner one night to help keep the kids calm and out of my hair! A dear friend of mine gave me this idea so thank you so very much to her:)
Here is what you do, take a piece of cunstruction paper, any color will do, a glue stick, a pen and some uncooked noodles. We used macaroni noodles.
Write a big letter on the paper, whatever letter you are working on, then have your child trace the letter with the glue stick, then give them a handful or a small owl full of noodles and have them stick the noodles on the line.
Not only is this great fun, but it helps them with a ton of different motor skills and letter recognition. In the bottom left corner you can see my daughters creative flare, a happy face with a tongue.
The ideas are endless, and when it dries you can just crinkle the paper and the noodles fall off ready to use tomorrow night:)
Have fun!

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Inside Out said...

What a beautiful kid, he must have a beautiful mother ;)