Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here is the quilt I made for my husband for a house warming gift.
We found this kit in our local quilt shop and we both fell in love with it.
So in typical fashion, with more than I can manage on my plate... I took on the daunting task of "whipping" together a queen size quilt while packing and staging a house!

Much to my surprise, my husband had no clue I had taken on the challenge until he opened his package at our "house warming" party :)

I think for a little while I will stick with my little one blankets and gifts! And leave the big ones to the professionals!


Anonymous said...

looks great, and so does the room!

Anonymous said...

yes, there are very few people i know who would throw a project like that in on top of everything else you had going on right then....but you are one of them :) looks nice though

Jean said...

Lovely looking quilt - How is it quilted? I can't imagine that you had time to do it by hand.