Sunday, March 30, 2008

2 years Old!

A birthday cake... yep one amonth for the first three months of the year! Sadly no more cakes until June:( And even then it usually ends up being a chocolate fondue! August I guess is REALLY the next cake month for this family!

Our two year old is really into the old caroton Blue's Clue's So I found some pictures of some cakes and thought I would modify it and use ice cream as the body of the cake. So I made a cookie crumb base and layered chocolate ice cream with skor bars crushed in the middle ( provided by the Bulk Barn which is great for pircing when it comes to crushing skor bars!) with vanilla on top and covered with tinted whipped topping.
I priced it all out and found that it was comparable with purchased ice cream cakes. It was alot easier than a regular decorated cake but took two days to make. I thankfully found all the ingrediants on sale so it was cheaper, but otherwise it would have been the same. keep in mind our wasn't decorated, so to decorate would cost more.
The toes were oreo ice cream sandwhiches covered with the same as the cake.
It was greatly enjoyed by all!!!! We all agreed that it tasted better than a purchased cake. But I think it has to do with the fact we put in the middle our favorite chocolate bars!


Anonymous said...

man, I never remember when his bday is... so happy birthday little guy from your forgetful auntie...looks like a yummy cake :)
aunt patti

Dennis & Valerie said...

Ok, I'm thinking this looks sooooo delicious. What if I tried it for one of our April birthdays coming up? Hmmm.... the girls would love it!

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest a May birthday would like the taste of that!! :)

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